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Reasons to Film in Albuquerque

Sunshine More Than 300 Days Per Year

The arid, desert climate of Albuquerque is with abundant sunshine, low humidity, low precipitation and a wide, yet tolerable range of temperatures. Even in October and November the mornings are cool, but the afternoons are warm. More than three-fourths of the daylight hours have sunshine, even in the winter months. Albuquerque temperatures are those characteristic of a dry, high altitude climate and extreme temperatures are rare.

Cost: New Mexico’s financial incentives are the most aggressive in the nation and there is no location fee required when filming in state-owned buildings.

Convenience: Albuquerque is the hub for talent, crew, sound stages and equipment in New Mexico.

Landscape: With urban cityscapes and suburban small-town looks, prairie land and forest, old Victorian homes and ultra-modern dwellings, Albuquerque can easily double as Anywhere, USA.

People: Our city’s production community is highly experienced and always committed to making each project a success.

Incentives: The City of Albuquerque and the State of New Mexico offer tax and investment incentives for film and television production.

Gross Receipts Tax Deduction
Take up to a 6% deduction at the point of sale on many production costs.

Film Production Tax Credit
Receive up 25% tax rebate with a fully refundable tax credit on all eligible direct production costs against the filmmaker’s New Mexico income tax. To qualify, production companies must register with the New Mexico Film Office.

New Mexico offers a 25% Tax Rebate on all direct production expenditures, including New Mexico crew, that are subject to taxation by the State of New Mexico. It applies to feature films, independent films, television, regional and national commercials, documentaries, video games and post-production. Non-resident actors and stunt performers will also qualify under a separate tax structure.

No minimum budget requirement
No minimum spend requirement
No minimum shoot day requirement
No prequalifying
No cap
No kidding

Film Investment Program
Take advantage of up to a $15 million investment/loan to film projects in New Mexico that offer a strong potential for generating returns.

New Mexico offers a 0% loan, with backend participation in lieu of interest, for up to $15 million per project (which can represent 100% of the budget) for qualifying feature films or television projects – animation included. Terms are negotiated and budget must be at least $2 million.
You may apply for the loan and the 25% Tax Rebate.

To apply for the above financial incentives or for more complete information on the necessary qualifications, please contact the New Mexico Film Office at 505-827-9810.

New Mexico Labor Laws

New Mexico law respects a valid written agreement that requires membership in a labor organization as a condition of employment. For more information regarding New Mexico labor laws and child labor guidelines, please contact the New Mexico Department of Labor and ask to speak with a Labor Law Administrator.

New Mexico Department of Labor
501 Mountain Road NE
Albuquerque, NM 87102

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