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Why Live in ABQ

Sony Imageworks Employees Speak About Albuquerque

I thought this was a great little promo film for Albuquerque because it absolutely captures what people’s initial feeling is about Albuquerque and then how they feel once they arrive. I was born here, left when I was seventeen, and then returned two years ago at forty-two, and I love it! If I get homesick for Cali, well, it’s only 13 hours away.

Take a few moments, grab a brew, and watch this film. Very cool!

Albuquerque: The Unknown from Puzzled Pictures on Vimeo.

In May of 2007, Sony Pictures Imageworks announced the opening of a satellite facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico that could take advantage of tax incentives offered by the state government.

Once in motion, employees of all tenure, and from many parts of the world, began moving to Albuquerque. Most knew absolutely nothing about the area. This is the story of the first forty employees who took the leap, and how they have come to experience the city of Albuquerque, and New Mexico.