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So busy, I haven’t kept up the blog. Sorry!

You know, when I started this blog, I thought, ‘Great! I’ll share all the information about film-making in Albuquerque with anyone who will listen.’ Then I found that information in Albuquerque is not that easy to attain –  at least for film related stuff. There are so few sources, and they don’t share as you would think.

I also started to write a script of my own, and found that, unlike writing novels, where one can elaborate as much as they like, film doesn’t allow for that, since you have to be able to express unspoken things on the screen. Did that make sense? No wonder budgets are outrageous. Well, since I will produce my own, I decided to keep the story location specific, which presents its own challenges so that it isn’t boring, and found that I am loving the test of wit. I think it will be good. I even dreamed a scene this morning. It does take time, however, and that has taken me away from things like this blog.

Anyway, regarding finding information related to film in Albuquerque, I am now making more contacts that will help in that area, and you can see those updates on my Twitter account, ABQFilm. So, hopefully it will help you to find your own sources, and provide a way to get more involved. I’ll also try to keep up with articles related to important information and post them on this blog.

I am hesitant about joining every group I have seen, that is film related, since I may not like it and leave, which would cause hurt feelings. However, I do think that IndieQ may be of interest to me, which I recently joined (the mailing list anyway). It’s sponsored, I think, by the Film Office. I’ll let you know. Their next meeting is in April.

So, I hope to be more active here, and hope you’ll forgive me if I’m not. I’ll post as much as I can on Twitter, so definitely join me there.

Talk to you soon…

Low Budget Effects for Film Short

I wanted to share this video with you because it illustrates the basic concepts of using a green screen, and setting up shots to use a green screen with. It also helps to see a balanced view of your options when shooting a low-budget, no-budget film. The point I take away is: don’t give up just because you are unable to make a movie like the million dollar studios. There’s reasons to the high cost, but you can effectively achieve similar emotions with your low-budget films. So, do it… Enjoy the video.

Albuquerque Film Community Not Easy to Find

First of all, let me tell you that I started this site as a way to collect information about the film industry in New Mexico, specifically in Albuquerque. To that end I want to provide as much useful information as possible to those who would like to pursue some sort of career in the film industry, whether it be as an extra, or to create films on their own. I myself have edited amateur film, and am in the process of writing a film short, so the information is useful to me also. Continue reading

Gary Goldstein Talk About Financing Your Independent Film – Part 2

Do you want to finance a movie script? Get your independent film produced, funded and financed. You can get the financing you need and live your film dream. This is a great introduction into the mind of someone who has already accomplished, from non-industry beginnings, the gathering of financing for film.

Gary Goldstein Talks About Financing Your Independent Film – part 1

The film producer responsible for “Pretty woman, “Under Siege”, “Mothman” and more begins the process of explaining how to get finances to produce your independent film. This interview is an eye-opener for those who have film scripts and want to see their Hollywood dreams fulfilled.

Pigeon Impossible – A Fun Little Animated Feature

As I was surfing the web, I saw this animated film and thought, at the very least, it would be entertaining. It also made me think about the fact that we are all very talented, and we can create some incredible things if given half a chance. I hope if you are in a position to help someone that you do. What’s the point of having influence if you don’t wield it…

Enjoy the video:

Reel Deal Incentives for Filming in New Mexico

Entertainment Partners hosted a Production Incentives panel at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2009. This video is an excerpt from that panel that focused on the incentives available in New Mexico with representative Lisa Strout.

Part 1 from Music in Film Summit 2009

What Do I Do Now? Part 1 from Music in Film Summit 2009 presented by New Mexico Music Commission and The City Of Albuquerque Film & Music Offices.

Edit House and KOAT-TV Air State’s First High-Definition Commercial

November 17, 2009, Rio Rancho, New Mexico- – Edit House Productions, LLC in conjunction with KOAT-TV have crossed the technical boundary, now enabling local commercials to be aired in high definition. The first local commercial to be broadcast in high definition aired Nov. 16, 2009 in KOAT’s late newscast, after months of testing file formats to determine the best delivery method. The :30-second commercial was produced by Edit House for the New Mexico State Police. Continue reading

Governor Bill Richardson Announces Call for Proposals for New Visions/New Mexico 2009 Filmmakers Program

New Mexico filmmakers are eligible to receive contract awards up to $20,000

August 18, 2009, SANTA FE – Governor Bill Richardson today announced a call for proposals for the New Visions/New Mexico contract award program provided by the NM Filmmakers Program at the NM State Film Office. Now in its fourth year, the program annually awards a total of $160,000 (up to $20,000 per project) to local filmmakers to help fund their original narrative, documentary, animation and experimental film projects. The program is open to all filmmakers in the state and awards can be used toward the completion of existing projects or the development of new ones. Continue reading

Welcome to Albuquerque Film dot com!

Welcome to the brand new resource for Albuquerque, New Mexico film! This website will endeavor to be the primary resource for all things related to film in and around Albuquerque. If you are an industry executive, director, producer, independent film maker, actor, extra, caterer, or have any part of film crew operations, then we hope you will use this site as a resource.

Please contact us if you have any ideas for making this website more useful. We have a plan, but it includes listening to YOU! So, don’t be afraid to comment.