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Seeking actors for a few hard to find roles on THE WINDS movie

A few Harder to find roles needed to cast a non-union film called THE WINDS

We have released this casting notice to the agents we work with but due to the harder to find roles we are also sending this out to our entire email list. If you fit, submit, if you know someone who is a perfect fit, get them to submit. If you have an agent, don’t bug your agent but still submit and be sure to note who your agent is so we can request you. This film production is out of Mexico and is non-union. It shoots here in ABQ area.


Name of Project: Santa Anna Winds
Type of Project: Film
Production union status: Non-Union
Audition Date/Time span: June 20th – 25th 2017
Type of Audition: Scripted
Audition Attire: Dress to the role
Callback Date & Time Frame: TBA in July
Shoot Dates: Starts – 10/01/2017
Shoot Location: Albuquerque, NM
Pay: $150 – $250 plus 10% per day depending on role

Synopsis-It’s based on the true story of a single mom who immigrates from Mexico to Santa Ana, California with her two boys (5 and 7 years old), and has to leave them home alone while she goes to work. The whole movie is from the kids’ POV, and all they want, is to go to Disneyland. That’s the only reason they agreed to come to the US. So the two kids spend most of their day in the apartment. There, they make friends, learn basic English, meet their Cambodian neighbors, and also encounter gangs for the first time.

MR. PICH- ]55 to 90 years old, East Asian-China, Japan etc male. Vietnamese, rough features, gruff looking Day player role that pays $250
MRS. PICH-55 to 90 years old, East Asian-China, Japan etc female. sweet looking face and eyes. Any body build is fine. Vietnamese preferred. Day player role that pays $250
-LUIS-9 to 11 years old, Hispanic male. Latino slum kid. Slender build. Target age for this role is 11 years old. Day player role that pays $250
GANG KIDS- 9 to 14 years old, Hispanic, Mixed Ethnicity, North American Indian male or female. These are day player roles and pay $150
LOUIS’ AUNT-29 to 35 years old, Hispanic female. Overweight preferred. Lower social class. Rough looking and aggressive. This role is a day player and pays $150
RECEPTIONIST-40 to 55 years old, Hispanic female. Long hair and long nails, flashy dress with lots of gold and purple. Hoochie mama type. Day player role that pays $150
SWEATSHOP WOMAN- 21 to 35 years old, Hispanic female. sweatshop employee, poor, thin, maybe sickly looking. Day player role. Pay is $150.
SUPERVISOR-40 to 70 years old, Caucasian male. Bald with maybe a mustache. Day player role. Pays $150.
MIDDLE AGED MAN- 40 to 50 years old, Hispanic male. Greezy type. Maybe a mustache. Medium Build. Day player role. Pay is $150
HOW TO SUBMIT: Send an email Submissions@GoodFaithCasting.com Subject line “Santa Anna Winds, Role” Example “Santa Anna Winds, Gang Kids” include
Phone Number
Agent or put IND
City, State, Zip
Casting Company: Good Faith Casting, LLC (NM OFFICE)
Casting Director: Faith Hibbs-Clark, CSA
Casting Director: Bella Hibbs
Policies to note:
*Actors who are late or lost should notify their agent and not the casting staff.
*Zero tolerance for actors who confirm and then no-show or cancel on the same day without documented valid excuse will be placed on a 1 year probation period.
*Casting breakdowns are for casting purposes only and should not be considered a legally binding offer. It is the responsibility of the talent agent or talent to confirm booking information prior to accepting the job. Production release forms are available in advance of shoot, when available, but only upon request.

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