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Screenwriting Workshop with Matthew McDuffie

Matthew McDuffie, screenwriter and director (Face of Love with Annette Bening and Ed Harris, Burning Bodhi with Kaley Cuoco and Virginia Madsen – currently at the Cannes Film Festival) will hold a series of classes for filmmakers (and aspiring filmmakers) this summer, focusing on writing and imagining the short film. Students will not only master the fundamentals of screenwriting, and the emotional algorithms involved in the creation of a good story, but will also learn to think visually, and to write cinematically; and all involved will come out of these seminars with at least one well-crafted short screenplay, and a profound sense of how to shoot them, i.e., how to direct. Each workshop will consist of four intimate classes (ten or so students), with the first session being held on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings, June 13, and 15, 20th and 22nd at The Arts Lab studio. The cost for all four classes is $250. For more information, and reservations contact buzzblanco@comcast.net

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