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Friday Filmmakers Coffee

Our next Friday Filmmakers Coffee is on *SUNDAY* APRIL 3rd from 3-6pm at Ovations Film Actors Studio in Albuquerque! RSVP here.

A BIG THANK YOU GERI LYNN WEINSTEIN MATTHEWS & MICHAEL MATTHEWS Producers of “Justice Denied” for hosting March’s Friday Filmmakers Club FILM SALON. What an awesome day!

Or come to our monthly coffees in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.
FF Club Members: Free
Non-members: $10
Where:  Ovations Film Actors Studio
116 Morningside Dr NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108.

THANK YOU STEVE WILLMON, Founder of Ovations for his generosity and awesomeness in letting us have FFC there!

If you haven’t already, please join the FFC Facebook page to get updates on coffees, Film Salons, and other events.

(Yes, we are called Friday Filmmakers Coffee, but due to work schedules, we are changing days to Sundays and Saturdays for now. Note: name things that probably won’t change over time 😉

Keep telling stories that matter,

Shereen Noon
Friday Filmmakers Coffee
Friday Filmmakers Club
snoon@elemental-films.com / (310) 497-0597

FFC Members Receive:
INVITATIONS to Film Salons, screenings, parties, Oscar Night, and workshops that can make a real difference in your work.
ACCESS to a private FFClub Facebook page where you can ask your specific project questions when you need solutions/answers/ideas/resources/talent right away from film professionals, accelerating the progress and completion of your projects.
DEVELOPMENT, pre-production, production, editing, and consulting from film professionals at FFC member rates at 10-40% off their normal rates. As a member, you may also choose to offer fellow members a discounted rate for your services, helping you get more paid work

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