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See Part 7 of “Made in New Mexico” series by Jeff Berg

September 12, 2012
Wednesday 7:00pm only!
100m – All Seats $7

Jeff Berg will present an all new set of clips from made in New Mexico movies.

Please Note: this will be a premiere and not a repeat of any of the earlier showings that were shown at the Guild.

This show will begin with clips from two silent films, starring Tom Mix and Mary Pickford, and carry through to present day.  The show will be a blend of all genres of movies from comedy to drama from Western to  sci-fi.

The program will run 90-100 minutes, and feature live narration by Berg, who will offer bits of information on each movie, such as shooting location, tidbits of trivia and New Mexico history, and a blend of humor and information that encourages audience participation.  The film clips vary in length from 2-6 minutes, and quality, since many of these movies are very hard to find and some have only recently been ‘rediscovered’.

You’ll enjoy a visit via silver screen to every corner of the state from Farmington to Carlsbad and from Clayton to Lordsburg.  You’ll also learn about the three major periods of filmmaking in New Mexico, the late 40’s and 50’s, the late 60’s and early 70’s, and present day.

The Guild Cinema

3405 Central Ave. NE,

Albuquerque, NM 87106

tel: (505)255-1848

fax: (505)232-9385


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