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Off Topic – App Developers Look!

The city of Albuquerque is looking for the next killer app.

If your app is chosen you get part of $30,000 buckaroos!

Mayor Richard Berry Friday announced the city’s Apps Competition, which is hoping to find apps that will encourage participation in and knowledge of city events, trail locations, pollen data, recycling drop-off points and more.

“There is a tremendous pool of talent in our community. I want to encourage and cultivate this innovation and creativity to help us provide a better service to the community,” Berry said in a news release.

The city is looking for apps in three categories:

  • cultural resources
  • business in Albuquerque and
  • outdoor fun and healthy living

Prize money will be split between the winning competitors, Berry said.

The competition runs through Oct. 22 and is open to all software developers.

Be sure to check eligibility information.

For more information, go to http://www.cabq.gov/abq-data/.

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