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The importance of networking within the Albuquerque film community

If you’ve never heard of Napoleon Hill, you are probably not an entrepreneur. Of course, you could be, but your potential is yet untapped if you haven’t read his book. “Think and grow Rich.” Incredible insight. Anyway, Napoleon Hill was quoted as saying, “No man can become a permanent success without taking others with him.” These are true words, and have spawned sayings such as, “No man is an island.” Why?

There is not one of us that can say we have had permanent success without someone’s help. If you can, you’re a liar. Someone helped you along the way. Solomon once said that “…there is nothing new under the sun,” which means that everything we know, or do, has been known or done before. The great part of this is that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but we can add our own unique stamp to it. This is the important part!

So, how does this apply to film in Albuquerque? Well, we all have differing talents we have learned from others. We have made these into a craft by using the knowledge, and now have experience. When we use this experience in a meaningful way, it becomes wisdom. Wisdom would dictate that we share those talents and beads of wisdom with our local film community so that we can all benefit. Most are new, and afraid of asking questions. So, why not offer your insight voluntarily so they don’t have to ask?

Whether we are writers, directors, actors, producers, crew, or support services, we have all seen a unique perspective of the film industry that others can benefit from. So, we need to network and share that knowledge. Spending only one hour with a group of like-minded film people is better than four hours of Internet research on the subject. Why? Because we can interact in a way that dumb computers can’t

Imagine an entrepreneur talking to a new filmmaker. The filmmaker says he knows how to convey his vision in film, but has no idea how to get the word out, or finance the distribution. The entrepreneur says, that’s the least of your problems, I know how. Wham! A connection is made that creates potential for a money-man to get together with a visionary and do something.

Albuquerque is a city that has much talent, and it’s getting more. It is quickly becoming a destination for a great variety of films, and a great variety of reasons. But, it is still in its infancy. There are a lot of people who haven’t even decided where they want to fit in. But, they could decide if they talked to others. The only way for us to be able to grow is to get the thinkers together with the visionaries. The creatives with the technical. The financier’s with the go-getters.

So, can you contribute what you know? If you know nothing, can you contribute your questions? The Indie Q website click here allows for this, but we have to be active. We have to come together and get to know each others strengths and weaknesses. Then we can find “permanent success” as Napoleon Hill highlighted. He also said, “The most successful people are those that serve the greatest number.” The Indie Q forums allow us to do just that. So, just do it! (Yikes! Nike flashback)

Thanks for listening, but, more importantly, thanks for getting involved!

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