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One camera? Two cameras? Actors freeze!

If you are an self-financing indie film maker, how many cameras do you use for a typical shoot? Also, do you own your equipment or do you find that renting is the better option? I’ve done both.

I own one camera for shooting my films, and tend to shoot from different angles, and force the actors to pick up where we left off. This is due to the fact that I finance each film, and I choose not to look for outside monies. So, I’m cheap. <wink> This has actually caused me to write the scripts in a way that allows for this, which one could argue, gives a particular “style” to the films that is consistent.

What about you? I notice many films uploaded here on Indie Q seem to also use only one camera since the shots and dialogue lend themselves to stopping and starting a shot to move the camera and sound equipment. Am I wrong?

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