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So busy, I haven’t kept up the blog. Sorry!

You know, when I started this blog, I thought, ‘Great! I’ll share all the information about film-making in Albuquerque with anyone who will listen.’ Then I found that information in Albuquerque is not that easy to attain –  at least for film related stuff. There are so few sources, and they don’t share as you would think.

I also started to write a script of my own, and found that, unlike writing novels, where one can elaborate as much as they like, film doesn’t allow for that, since you have to be able to express unspoken things on the screen. Did that make sense? No wonder budgets are outrageous. Well, since I will produce my own, I decided to keep the story location specific, which presents its own challenges so that it isn’t boring, and found that I am loving the test of wit. I think it will be good. I even dreamed a scene this morning. It does take time, however, and that has taken me away from things like this blog.

Anyway, regarding finding information related to film in Albuquerque, I am now making more contacts that will help in that area, and you can see those updates on my Twitter account, ABQFilm. So, hopefully it will help you to find your own sources, and provide a way to get more involved. I’ll also try to keep up with articles related to important information and post them on this blog.

I am hesitant about joining every group I have seen, that is film related, since I may not like it and leave, which would cause hurt feelings. However, I do think that IndieQ may be of interest to me, which I recently joined (the mailing list anyway). It’s sponsored, I think, by the Film Office. I’ll let you know. Their next meeting is in April.

So, I hope to be more active here, and hope you’ll forgive me if I’m not. I’ll post as much as I can on Twitter, so definitely join me there.

Talk to you soon…

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