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Finding the fundage (Is that a word? It is now!) – How about a grant? Part 2

While there are a lot of web services, consultants, etc. who will help in the search to find funding (and, yes, it comes at a price), I find that, if this is your first time, you should go it alone. Not alone in the sense that no one else is involved, but rather that you do the legwork yourself. Why?

First of all, you will gain invaluable experience that will help you going forward. If you survive the first round of finding funding for your film project, you will be searching again and again, as each project comes to light. You see, this is a bug. Once you have it, it will plague you to feed it.

So, where do you start? First off, you should know that it’s all in the numbers (no pun intended). Don’t limit yourself to one source, since the first will not be the last. Start your search by seeking out foundations that support the arts, especially film. You can check online for databases that list opportunities, and make sure you check local stations, as they might provide support for the right person. Also check film related publications and libraries, as these have long been a great place to start.

Look for a match between your project goals and that of a grant fund. The best projects align with the money in a way that both goals are achieved. An example of this is a film or documentary highlighting Native American culture. You can approach Native-owned businesses, tribal council’s, and the local Economic Development corporation. All are interested in furthering the education of people, whether local or otherwise, on the area-specific culture.

Make sure you inquire about the maximum amount of the grant to ensure it will cover the project. You may seek out multiple grants, but this is more time, which, in the end, costs more money. While your at it, ask the organization if they know of other foundations offering grants.

In the end, it is up to you to keep your nose to the ground searching out opportunities. You might also ask others in online communities like Indie Q where they got their funding and if it might fit your project also. The bottom line is this: don’t give up, be diligent, and network, network, network! It’ll come… if you don’t give up.

Here’s a link that will get you started in finding those who fund film:

If you do a search on “film grants,” there are many opportunities as well (http://www.google.com/search?q=film+grants)

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